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My love of winter...

Hot Cross Buns

I do not love winter but I have found things that I love to do in Winter that brighten my days and make me look forward to the coming of Spring. I fill a lot of my time in the winter with baking and cooking. I prepare meals for the coming busy spring and summer.

My favorite activity is to bake away those long winter days. It helps to warm the house and keep me busy creating delicious treats for my family. So far this winter I have made from scratch cookies, cupcakes, hot cross buns, hot dog duns, muffins, dinner rolls, corn tortillas, bagels, pretzels, flour tortillas and more.

Fresh out of the oven with all organic ingredients! These hot cross buns were delicious and a definite one to do again!

Here are the recipes that I used from the Joy of Cooking - an old reliable favorite cookbook. I just substitute all ingredients for organic ones.