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Day 2 - Garbage - so much garbage...

Today I would like to discuss garbage. There is so much garbage in my life. It drives me nuts. Its stresses me out. It makes me feel guilty. There is so much of it to sort through. Physical garbage, mental garbage, emotional garbage - what's the difference? If we let garbage pile up in our lives we will eventually feel consumed by it.

This year I plan to:

I intend to try to clear my mind by resolving to do more for myself in 2019. I will change myself in order to change society. More time for yoga, more time to breathe deeply, more time outdoors connecting with nature. A friend shared the following quote today and it resonated deeply for me:

How can we change ourselves so that the world can be a better place? How can we change ourselves so that we have more respect for the environment, animals, humans? Every life has the right to a garbage free existence - can we get there?

Dealing with emotional and mental garbage is only half the battle. We also need to ratify the way we handle physical garbage in our lives. We need to demand that producers share this burden. I pledge to alter my consumerism. I will be more aware of items that produce non-recyclable waste or things that can't be reused. I pledge to pay more attention to the garbage my family is producing.

We are tackling this issue by changing our ways. We have implemented the following recycling and garbage system in our house and it is working!!! We have gone from putting out one large garbage can a week to just one a month! It can be done - even with kids!

The top blue bin is our garbage can now. Then we also have a bin for recyclable plastic, one for glass, and the last is for burnables (things like paper, tissues, wax paper, small cardboard, etc.) that we use to start our wood stove. We also have a bin under the sink for aluminum and cardboard.

I noticed that by eliminating a large garbage can with a lid in our kitchen we became more conscious of what we were disposing of. It takes some work to make this happen but we can all do it!

Lets spend 2019 tackling the garbage in our lives to make the world a better place. Join me in dealing with the garbage in our lives so that we don't pile our garbage on future generations.