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Day 5 - Fresh Air & Exercise

Beautiful, fresh, sunshine filled days have blessed our household this week. It is hard to believe it is January out there. With temperatures soaring above zero even here in Greenwood, it leaves little excuse not to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

Want the key to health and happiness? Get outside! Get moving!

Even I struggle to get outside some days. The mental fatigue we can feel in the depths of winter is real. The days are short and sometimes very grey. However, if we want to fill our emotional cup with positiveness we need to fit in some exercise and soak up the vitamin d whenever we can. It is key to tapping into our mental, emotional and physical well being.

My children often roll their eyes at me when I say "Its time for today's fresh air and exercise" and it is often met with little naysayers who are reluctant. However, when we get out there, the experience is always worth the fight. I encourage my kids to spend an hour outside every day. It helps us all to sleep better, think clearer, and get our limbs moving.

Engaging your family or yourself can be as simple as going for walks. Want to take it a step farther? Go skiing, snowshoeing, skating, tobogganing. My kids find some of the best exercise sliding down snow drifts piled by the plows. I promise you, getting outside and getting exercise on a regular basis will help. Do it today!