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Day 6 - Sharing is Caring

I have been working at growing produce for my business for seven years now. The biggest thing I have learned from farming is that sharing is caring. Farmers work together to share information and make each other better. They work to make their communities better.

Any farmer knows that growing food is hard work! But part of the reward is making friendships with other farmers - talking, sharing knowledge, and supporting one another is part of our key to success.

I have some great farmer friends here in the Kootenay-Boundary. The list is too long to name names but you all know who you are. Some have years of wisdom, some have years of book knowledge, all of them are willing to share.

Farmers show us how the world could work.

I am thankful for my farmer friends and the wisdom they have imparted to me over the years. I appreciate them. I appreciate their hard work and dedication but most importantly I appreciate all the advice, mentorship and friendship they have offered to me. How wonderful the world would be if we all worked together. Let's support each other and be thankful. Let's take this farmer wisdom to other domains of our lives and see how far it can take us.