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Day 7 - Zucchini in winter????

A quick blog today about storing food for winter.

It doesn't take much effort to store some of those yummy veggies you grow during the summer. It is amazing to see what you can keep to enjoy during the winter.

We have a room in our house that has a concrete floor and a cold air intake. We use this room to store our onions, garlic, potatoes, shallots, tomatoes, and squash. Although I would love a root cellar, we don't have one yet. So I improvise and am able to store fresh food that we grew for about 6 months. My kids are learning, not only to grow, but to store food as well. I consider this an important life skill.

For dinner last night we used a giant zucchini we had been storing for 5 months!

It was beautiful! We turned it into battered fried zucchini. Cam was in his glory and took over the cooking. He loves fast/deep fried food and I love vegetables so it was an excellent compromise. Callie claimed it still tasted like zucchini and George wouldn't touch it. I thought they were delicious!

This winter while you are considering what to grow in your garden this summer, think about some storage vegetables that you can put away for winter. You won't regret it! Its satisfying and rewarding to enjoy the results of your hard work all year round!