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Day 11 - Let's talk about Facebook

So I took a huge leap at the end of December, I quit personal use of Facebook. I decided that for me, Facebook doesn't work. Too many traps, too many pitfalls. Now here I am 14 days later. I have sworn off the site. I finally feel free!!!!!

I started reading this book at the same time and it has opened my eyes to the very real problems of i-technology. This book solidified my resolve to quit Facebook and start limiting my use of i-technology.

Coincidentally, I stumbled upon articles on CBC about the misuse of Facebook as well as its addiction problems.


The article, entitled Facebook Woes: 2019 shaping up as a rough one for Mark Zuckerberg and co., raises questions about "whether the value of the world's largest social media platform might be outweighed by its misuse and dangers."

And how other people are also trying to quit Facebook.


After 12 years of using Facebook I have made the break. I deleted the app from my phone and ipad. That was a huge step. It was tough at first but now 14 days in I am confident I made a wise choice for myself and my family. I do miss my Facebook friends but I hope my friends and I can remain in contact through other means. And for the time being, I have made the decision to keep my Facebook account so that I can use messenger and my business page.

Now that I am FB free, I feel better. Less stress, less anxiety. If your thinking Facebook could be influencing your life in a negative aspect then take the leap - quit for a while or forever.