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Day 12 - Why isn't all food organic?

What would the world be like if we didn't have to label organic food as organic? What if all food were just organic? What if food with poisons, toxins, GMO's had to be labelled as disease causing? What if we didn't have to wonder if what we are putting into our bodies is safe?

These are topics raised by my kids in conversations around the table. Callie thinks that it would be "epic" if all food was simply organic. We wouldn't call it organic. It just would be. All food would be safe, affordable, and healthy for all.

Our family takes a strong stance on organics. We are organitarians. We work hard to avoid eating "regular" food and drinks. We believe that non-organic food poisons the body and leads to many health problems. We want to prevent these health problems in ourselves and our children, for the safety of our future.

I didn't always believe that regular food was dangerous. I was a lemming. It took some health issues of my own and my pets and my family for me to realize that just because something claims to be healthy doesn't mean it is. Since then I have stood up for what I believe in. Organics is the solution for a healthy planet and healthy humans.

I have been accused of being a food snob because of these strong beliefs. People are insulted that I don't think regular food is good enough - that's because it is not good enough. It is not good enough for anyone. I wish the whole world could be organic so I don't have to worry about what food is safe. It should all just be safe.

I am allergic to chemicals in my food - who isn't?

I wish consumers would stand up to corporations. We need to tell them poison in our foods and drinks is not okay. It is not okay to taint research and lead people to believe that regular food is safe. We need to question authority and rise against the status-quo. We need governments to take a stand but the people need to show them how. Boycott! Be an activist! Do some research - try organic! See where organics will lead your health.