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Day 15 - Inspiration

We all have people we look up to and want to model after. For me, David Suzuki is one of my all time heroes. A real champion for the environment and an activist, David is never afraid to say what he believes and take a stand for what is important.

I had the mind blowing experience of getting to meet David Suzuki and get his autograph around my 30th birthday. For my birthday I was gifted tickets to see him speak in Kelowna and I was beyond honored to be a part of the crowd. This man tells it like it is. Not only is he a renowned scientist, he is also a brilliant speaker who wows a crowd and leaves you feeling like you want to be more - be more for the world, for yourself and your children.

David shows us that at any age, even at 82, we can campagin for what is right. He does not hide in ignorance. He is vocal, present, and a purveyor of environmental rights. He is a man to be admired. We should all be a little more like David.