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Day 17 - Winter Wonderland

I am thrilled to say its snowing! We have had 2" of fresh powder come down this morning and boy do we need it!

There has not been enough precipitation yet this winter. It feels like we are behind in accumulation. So when I saw the snowflakes falling this morning I was pleased.

I haven't always loved winter. My kids help me to enjoy it more then I used too. I love to see their faces light up on the toboggan hill or out for winter walks. They love to ski and snowshoe, throw snowballs and make snow angels. Together, we embrace the dark days of winter by spending time outside. It's not so bad if you bundle up.

Living in the mountains means learning to love winter, especially when you understand that winter helps ensure a safe summer. We need lots of snow accumulation to help protect against summer forest fires but not so much that we endure flooding. It seems like mother nature can't find a happy medium. The climate is not balanced. We are experiencing her wrath with floods and fires.

I pledge to not complain about the snow. I realize that it is a necessity in our part of the world. Instead I will use winter to slow my life and take time to replenish my energy.