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Day 19 - Travelling Rainbow Markets

This morning I am off to market!

My good friends Sofi and Jason have been spearheading a terrific market in Grand Forks called the Travelling Rainbow Market. I have been fortunate enough to join them for their winter series.

Today I am joining a bunch of other awesome vendors popping up at Holy Trinity Anglican Church from 10am to 2pm. Come out and peruse the selection of goods including veggies, baking, artisan wares, preserves and more.

For the first time at market I will be selling micro greens! I have a limited selection of pea shoots as well as broccoli and pac choi microgreens.

Markets are super important to support. They allow small businesses that don't have a permanent home to showcase what they do. Markets allow:

"1) Farmers can be full-time farmers and part-time retailers;

2) Rapid sales encourage farmers to bring bountiful quantities to market, thus creating the abundant displays we feast upon every week. And, as the old retail adage goes, “Stack ‘em high, watch ‘em fly!” Farmers markets validate this adage every week; and,

3) By having customers come at the same time, farmers markets have the potential to become important social and civic events for their communities."

Come out today and support this awesome market!