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Day 29 - Recycling Clothes

Way too many textiles end up in the landfill. There are so many ways to reuse, recycle, up-cycle, textiles but so few of us do it. Why?

We are consuming new materials to fast for our planet. We all need to take the time and make the effort to find ways to recycle.

It is super important to reuse and recycle, including textiles. Clothes are one of the biggest thing we recycle in our house. We clean out our clothes closets and drawers twice a year. The things that we have out grown get sorted. With unwanted clothes we sort them into a few categories:

1. To Give away - clothes that are in good enough shape to pass on to friends or the thrift store.

2. Consignment - clothes that are in good enough shape to resell.

3. Up-cycle - clothes that are in rough shape but can be turned into something else (cut up for sewing projects and crafts or made into rags)

By taking the time to sort the clothes we find a use for everything. No textiles go to the landfill at our house until they have been used to the end of their life cycle.

We also try to buy a lot of our clothes from consignment or thrift stores. We like to support recycling and don't see anything wrong with used clothes in decent shape. So we check for second hand before buying new. When we do buy new, we have been looking for products that are 100% cotton or made from organic materials. A lot of clothes now contain plastic which is contributing to micro plastics in the ocean. We try to avoid buying these products new.

The fashion industry is a large polluter. Consider your impact on the environment when buying clothing!