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Day 30 - Anyone else read the news?

I find the news to be both disheartening and a daily dose of a loud wake-up call. Everyday I read CBC News App main headline articles as well as the B.C. news and the world news. I also check out the app by The Province.

I sometimes question if I should keep reading the articles. Most of it is negative and sad. It leaves with anxiety about the state of the world. I worry about world stability, climate change and the environment, politics, and the state of our communities provincially, nationally and internationally. Is the turmoil that terrible? Does the media want us to feel this way? Is it just me? Does it make anyone else think we need to do more? Be more?

I read the news and think "wow" what shouldn't we be doing to make the world a better place? Who else thinks like me? The state of the orcas makes me mad. The state of immigration makes me sad. The devastation of climate change makes me angry. I keep reading the articles and keep finding things that need to be campaigned about. Where do we start?

I think the answer is to start in our own communities. Start locally and move larger. Make things better where we live.

I also read the local weekly rag The Boundary Times. In stark contrast, this little paper is always filled with community news, local info about events that is generally positive. The paper provides a lot of information about the happenings in the community as well. I am grateful for it. It is a small pleasure in the week.