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Day 31 - Recycling Creations

The kids love to recycle! The other day Callie was cleaning out containers from the recycling to make a mail box on a stand. Its amazing what she can come up with to create.

Around our house we try to give a lot of items a second and even third use before they hit the recycle or garbage bin. We wash and reuse zip lock bags for our personal use - I even have a bag drying stand on my kitchen window ledge. I save containers with lids to re-purpose. We save orange mesh bags and reuse them to sell garlic in. We have started collecting strips of cardboard with no tape to use on garden paths. It definitely takes a bit of work and some effort to reuse things but I think a cleaner planet is worth the effort.

I have taken to saving items that are unique or clearly reusable in a bin for later reuse. This past year the kids and I dragged the bin out and set to making an art project out of as many as we could.

The creation was an awesome robot. The robot has become a mascot in Callie's room and hopefully a Rock Creek fall fair entry for this coming September.