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Day 33 - T.V.? No thank you

Cam and I unplugged from a satellite/cable provider eleven years ago. 11 years ago? Say what? That is almost a third of my life.

Before we had kids we decided to say no to televised programming. It started as a way to save money, we had both lost our jobs due to the economic down turn of the forest industry in 2007/08. But it led to something much bigger.

After a few months of no t.v., we decided to stick with it. We didn't long for it. Sure there were a few shows we missed watching but we certainly did not miss the commercials, the marketing, the lost hours being glued to the boob tube.

Eleven years without t.v.? Wow how have we done it? How do we live without it? The truth is we don't miss it. We have way too much to do without television in our lives. When we do have time to sit down, we prefer to read, play games with the kids and watch the occasional movie.

Lots of people ask why not get Netflix? Truthfully, we don't want to pay another bill to a corporation. And we don't need programming in our lives. I do enough of that.

Generally there is nothing compelling enough on televised programming that would lure us back to paying a monthly bill.

We still have two t.v.'s in our house. Don't get me wrong, we still like watching movies but we choose the content. We also have ipads, iphones, dvd's and video games. However, we choose what we put on them. Being able to control what we watch is a huge factor in not having t.v.

Getting unplugged is super important. We have a twice a day one hour limit on our children's screen time (unless they are watching a movie). Regulating screen time is crucial for all of us, kids included.

Ever monitor how much screen time you or your kids are watching in a day?