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Day 34 - Bulk Buying

I like to buy in bulk. Call me a food hoarder if you will. I come by it honestly, my dad is the king of stocking up, just in case.

I really began to learn the importance of bulk buying and stocking up when I moved to Greenwood. It is not convenient to buy organic food around here. We have a great natural food store in Grand Forks, half an hour away, and the grocery stores there do carry some organic food but it is always in small quantities and they never have everything I need. So to supplement this lack of supply, we travel a few times a year to stock up on bulk buying.

Organic Matters in Nelson is a favorite. You order online and everything comes in small, medium, or large depending on how much you need. The more you buy, the more you save. The best part is that it is all organic.

We apply this principle to buying fruit and vegetables that we don't grow ourselves. We have great local farmers in Oyosoos and Grand Forks that are willing to sell to us at a bit of a better price when we buy their organic goods in bulk. We stock up on apples, carrots, pears, and cabbage every fall and it lasts us through the winter on bulk prices.

We believe that spending our money on good organic food will save us in other ways later in life. It is an investment that we are willing to make, buying in bulk just makes it more attainable.