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Day 46 - School Strike for Climate

School strike for climate, also known in various regions as Fridays for the Future, Youth for climate or Youth strike 4 climate, is a growing international movement of children and students leaving their school to take part in demonstrations for climate action.

"The first school strike for climate was started by Greta Thunberg staging an action outside the Swedish Riksdag (parliament), holding a sign that read "Skolstrejk för klimatet" or "school strike for climate" during August 2018."

Like Greta, youth around the wold recognize a need of a paradigm shift. Greta has started a movement and the youth will back her. The momentum is growing!

The first Fridays for Future strike happened in Canada back in Janaury in Waterloo and now other Canadians are recognizing and taking part. CBC wrote this recent article on the movement:


Maybe the Boundary youth will have a contingent soon? I would help my kids participate.