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Day 48 - Natural Remedies from mother nature

I bought this awesome used book at the Travelling Rainbow Market the other week from April Ace, Yogi and health extraordinaire. She had some great reads for sale that were at the end of their life on her shelf. Readers Digest North American Folk Healing: An A-to-Z Guide to Traditional Remedies has now made its way to my shelf and just in time - I have a cold.

I looked up colds and found that rose hip tea is a great immune booster filled with Vitamin C. Callie and I picked, strung, and dried rose hips this fall after participating in a nature walk with an elder who also recommended them. The rose hips provide to us from mother nature. Super glad we took the time to harvest and store them for winter.

It is amazing how wild foraging can help provide medicinal remedies. I am excited to have this new resource in my library! What knowledgeable books do you rely on? Do you wild forage? What do you collect and for what purpose?