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Day 56 - Earthway Seeder and my new Greenhouse

Yes! I did it! I finally planted three of four rows in my brand new greenhouse!

Although it has been up since last fall, I waited to plant until this spring. With cold nights leading to warm days this latter part of February, I felt it was finally time to put together our brand new seeder from Earthway.

The seeder had been on our list for years, and after the recommendation came from a fellow farmer, I finally wised up and spent the money on this revolutionary machine! In just 20 minutes I was able to seed 4 rows of lettuce on two 40'x 3' rows! Plus I did another 4 rows of spinach on an additional bed.

I added hoops and row cover to each of the three rows. Here's hoping we can warm up the soil enough to establish some germination.

We have still be getting temperatures outside of -18 at night but reaching +2 during the day. The greenhouse is well insulated with snow surrounding the outside bottom. It is helping hold the heat in and we have seen as high as +25 in there during the daytime.