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Day 58 - Sharing Food

I never thought growing and selling microgreens would start a food sharing movement that is gaining momentum!

Once a day I get an email, text, or private message from someone who is eating our micros! So many of you have reached out to let me know what you are eating our microgreens with and how much you are loving having the fresh green organic treat. It's awesome!

I go to the library and hear how great they work with sushi, or to the bank and hear how good they are on chicken burgers. I drive to the post office and hear how someone has used them in soup or made killer sandwiches loaded with the green.

I get messages from family sharing a picture of their meal covered in micros. I hear from friends who have made burgers and topped them off with micros! From stir-fry to salads, tacos and more - microgreens from us are infiltrating the boundary and beyond!

I love it! And I love microgreens! Not surprisingly, we eat them everyday and have to keep it interesting so I love receiving your ideas and inspirations.

Last Friday night I went to a potluck with Callie and what did we take? Salad of course!

We want to keep the momentum going. So reach out! If you have a pic or idea on how to cook with them, let me know! And for those of you who haven't tried them yet, I have some free samples of radish so message me to get some!