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Day 59 - Picky Eater

I feel like I climbed a major hurdle this week! My super picky eater George tried three new foods! This is such a miracle around our house.

George used to be such a good eater. From 6 months to 18 months George would eat just about anything you put in front of him. Then we took him to Mexico for 10 days. He hated the food there and got hand foot and mouth disease. This combination, we believe, led George down a slippery slope of being wary of food.

For the past two years we have struggled to get him to eat anything new and unfamiliar to him. This week saw a break through and I just had to share.

George tried hash browns at dinner one night this week and liked them. He liked them so much he ate all the pieces on his plate. This may seem like nothing to you but the kid wouldn't touch any kind of potato except french fries until now. It didn't matter that he had helped grow and pick the potatoes, wash them for dinner, see them cooked. He did not believe that potatoes cut up into anything but fries was "good for George".

Then came the shocker of the week. The kid who eats a select number of vegetables decided to try pac choi microgreens! Success! He loved them and asked for more! Finally, a vegetable he likes that I can grow year round.

Now I know this last one will seem weird, but George hates anything mixed together unless its Annie's organic mac and cheese. Last night I made homemade apple pie for dinner. A food that George will never eat claiming he hates any kind of pie - savory or sweet. Well George decided to try the pie. Not only did he try it, he ate his whole piece. Victory!

Anyone else deal with an eater like this?

I can only hope we have turned a corner on the picking eating. George is opening up to a new world of foods. Small steps to a more rounded diet and hopefully to one that includes more items from our garden. Wish me luck!